Why there should be a charge to enter a contest?

    The charge is divided in various factors such as distribution of price money, constantly improving the FSL platform for giving the FSL user a super uninterrupted gaming experience.


    What if few of my selected players are not in the playing squad?

    Any player chosen by you who does not officially play with the squad won’t get any points. So, while choosing a team player you shall be very much updated in regards to current trend of the game which is why it is a game of skill and not game by chance.

    Why aren’t all matches tabled on FSL series?

    FSL would only feature those matches for which we can get continuous live feeds and updates to give you a better and uninterrupted gaming experience.


    How can I find FSL?

    We have a big digital foot print, you will find FSL all over the digital medium.

    Fan Super League is the only term required to input in your browser  on your desktop or mobile device to experience the best fantasy game of skill app. You can also download our Android/iOS app. Click here to know 'how to download the app'.


    “FAN SUPER LEAGUE” !!What’s that ?

    Fan Super League is one of best online fantasy gaming app where you can apply your gaming skills and earn rewards based on the team created by your choice of players.


    What is the signup process?

    Once you downloaded the game from android / IOS or if you are on the website you will be required to fill up a short and sweet form or you can use your google or Facebook account to login and make it easy.

    Once the registration is done, you can follow the simple instruction link, which will take you through the simple steps of creating your Fantasy Cricket Team and then joining Public Contests or Private Contests or creating a Private Contests to win cash rewards. You can also go through the ‘How to Play’.


    I don’t know much about fantasy sport gaming – How shall I get acquainted with this kind of Game of Skill?

    • There is nothing to be worried about! Fan Super League has started this innovative gaming experience with Cricket. You can check out “ HOW TO PLAY?” and we are sure you will learn the process in no time.

    You can always start with our practice match contests till the time you are ready to play the cash contests. The best part of the practice game is that they are free to play and you can use them to sharpen your skills.

    You will be updated every now and then with regular gaming & sports news which will relevantly help you in creating your teams.


    How do I enjoy the FSL Gaming experience?

    • Step 1. Open the app
    • Step 2. Choose the available sport and select the match of choice from the league.
    • Step 3. Apply your gaming skills and make your team within a virtual credit line of 100 credits before the deadline
    • Step 4. You can now join any of our Practice Contests to update your skills or Cash Contests to start winning cash rewards.
    • Step 5. You can browse through the various cash contests at the match centre & join any of them. You can also create your own contest & invite friends to play with you.
      Once the match starts, your created team will score points based on the real-life performance of your chosen players in the match. Your rank level in a cash contest is decided based on the points your team earns during the live match. If your team finishes amongst the winning ranks with highest ranking points of that cash contest, you'll be selected a winner in the contest. The amount you win in the game will be transferred to your account, depending on the amount that you've won.


    From where can I download the mobile app?

    Awesome!! So now you have made up your mind to play we shall guide you through with the simple process.

    • If you have an Android device:

    Click the link and enter your number to receive the download (APK) link Download Android App to download the Fan Super LeagueAPK file. Alternately, you can give a missed call on (7941055889) and we’ll SMS the download link to your phone.

    • If you have an iOS device,

    Search for ‘FAN SUPER LEAGUE’ on the Official App Store & download the app

    Click here to know the steps for downloading on Android.




    My FSL account displays deactivated. How do I reactivate my account?

    Our risk team may have de-activated the account during the regular KYC verification of accounts as the PAN Card isn't verified on the Fan Super League account.

    In case your Fan Super League account shows  and you haven't verified your PAN Card on the FSL account, please write to us from the below link along with your PAN Card copy so our risk team can verify the document and reactivate your FSL account. Send us a mail



    What if I forgot the registered mobile number/email id I used to register myself on Fan Super League.

    If you have forgotten your registered email id, you can log in using your verified mobile number. An OTP will be sent to you on that number, which you can use to log in successfully.

    If you have forgotten your verified mobile number, you can log in with your email, Facebook and Google IDs as well.


    If I've forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

    Please follow the below steps to reset your password:

    On Android/iOS App:

    • From the login screen, enter your registered mobile number
    • You will receive a OTP on the same number entered.
    • You will instantly get logged in to the app.


    On website/mobile site:

    • Shall update shortly


    I am unable to login using my mobile number

    For maintaining the security of the account  the  mobile login needs otp verification where in the user will receive OTP for authenticating his account for safe and secure login.

    There shall still be no reason for worrying if your mobile number is not been verified yet. You will have to log in first using your registered email id, Facebook account or Google  account and then get your mobile number verified using the Verification section in the App as well as website. Once the mobile number verification is succeeded, you can log in with your registered and verified mobile number.

    There could be few exceptions as mentioned below where you are not able to log in to your FAN SUPER LEAGUE account using your mobile number, please write a mail to us by clicking here

    • The mobile number that you intend to use may be already verified on another FAN SUPER LEAGUE account with combination of another email address.
    • If account shows suspended. Click here to write to us?


    I am not receiving the OTP.

    The OTP is usually sent within 30 seconds of clicking for verification. If you do not receive the OTP in the mentioned time, you may probably be in a low network zone. You can request for a new OTP by clicking on the 'Resend OTP' link that appears after 30 seconds also you can try by going on airplane mode and come back in network mode which may reset a proper net connection. Alternately, you can log in using your registered email id and password or via Facebook or Google account.

    If you still face any issues, please check your connection and retry once you have better connectivity. You can also write to us by clicking here


    How do I change or reset my password?

    Its a verify simple process by going to Profile -->Change Password to change your password. In case you have forgotten your existing password, you will need to reset it from the login page.


    Is there a possibility to make changes to the team even after the match begins?

    The deadline for each game is different. This is denoted by the ticker displayed on every match. You can make unlimited changes to your team before the deadline. The deadline for the cricket matches are 10 Minutes before the start time of the actual match



    Do I need to change my Fantasy team for future matches?

    Yes, you are required to create a fresh new team for every match on Fan Super League but there is no restriction if you want to select the same set of players as well.


    What role will a Captain/Vice-Captain play in a team created by you for playing the contest on Fan Super League?

    A  Captain/Vice-Captain/Star Player shall be the most earning point player in your team! The player you choose to be your team’s Captain will earn 2 times the points and the Vice-captain you choose will earn 1.5 times the points for his performance. So, choose with skill and with help of statistics smartly.

    You can visit the Point System page on the app for more details. You can also see the point system on the web by clicking here.


    Can I exit the contest or delete the team?

    As of now, you are not allowed to delete a team once you have entered a contest but you shall be always able to edit your team, only until the time barrier is not crossed. If you wish to create another team you can do so. Alternatively, you can only edit the original team to make your changes to it.

    Playing & Not Playing in the Starting Lineup

    Now you can see the Playing & Not Playing Squad in the starting Line Up while editing / creating your team. This feature lets you see which of the players are there in the starting lineup.

    This feature is not available for all matches. We shall try and provide this information for all the matches possible.


    Fan Super League is not responsible for any issues arising from the provided information. This detail is provided from a third party and may be subject to errors at times. Users are requested to their own discretion, research and unerstanding when selecting the team members for contests. 


    Is switching or modifying teams an easy job to perform?

    • Select the match contest  in which you wish to make the changes.
    • Enter in to the "Joined Contests" tab to see all the contests joined by you for that match.
    • Choose the contest where you wish to modify/switch your team.
    • Click on the Contest tab to open the contest section to make the desired changes.
    • Click on "Switch/edit Teams", uncheck the currently chosen team and select the other team that you wish to choose.


    Can I join a contest in the middle of the series and match?

    Yes sure, you can! Since you can play every scheduled match on Fan Super League table, you can join any contest in the middle of a tour before the deadline of that specific match and win big. You will not be able to join a match once the selected match deadline is crossed!


    Can I invite my friends to join the same contest in which I have been enrolled?

    Yes of course, you can! There is always excitement in competition and what  better than friends competing against each other in the same contest using their game of skills.

    That’s why we have private circle contest wherein you can give invite to your friends through email or you can share a unique referral code on your sms, whatsapp, or Facebook wall to participate in the same contest.

    In Public Contests, you can join that contest and then click on 'Invite' to share the contest with your friends to join.


    How do I know if a contest has more than one or single winner in it?

    All contest clearly states the winning amount on the app user interface and also the total number of winners. You can also find out the winners split when you tap on the number of winners.

    The winners will vary for different contests as there may be same or multiple number of combinations of teams. The number of winners availability in a contest will be shown by clicking on the 'Winners list' option and this will be disclosed as soon as the contest is made available to join.


    How should I review a contest that I have already enrolled in it?

    Here’s how you can review a contest you’ve already enrolled:

    • Before the contest closing time
      a) Select the match from the league for which you enrolled the contests.
      b) Click on the  ‘My Matches’ tab. The contests you have enrolled will be displayed to you on screen.


    • After the time barrier for enrolment is crossed
      Just select the match for which you have enrolled the contests. All your enrolled contests will be displayed to you. You can also view your rival & competitor’ teams (and earned points of the players selected in your team if the match has resumed).


    How can I win a cash reward contest?

    Your ranking is decided based on the points earned by your selected players during the live match and if your ranking is in the top which means in a winning position, we shall credit the cash reward in your FAN SUPER LEAGUE app verified account, depending on the winnings of the cash reward contest that you have enrolled.


    Understanding a contest

    Your contest consists of the below details:

    • C icon - It's a confirmed contest and will continue even if not filled completely
    • M icon - It's a multi-entry contest in which you can join using all 6 teams. Each team will have to pay the entry fee to join this contest.
    • Entry Fee - the amount that is required to join the contest
    • Prize Pool - This is the total winning amount which will be given to each rank accordingly. Click on the Winners inside the particular contest to check the 'Prize Pool Breakup'.
    • XXX spots - Number of total members that can join the contest
    • XXX spots left - Number of spots available to fill the contest


    How Cash reward contest & Practice Contests are different?

    Cash reward Contests are contests where you enroll by paying pre declared entry fee and compete with others to win real reward money! The reward money will be awarded to the winners who have the highest ranking by means of accumulated points in the contest. Different Cash reward contests have different winning reward amounts and the total number of members. Click on any of the scheduled contests to know more!

    On the other hand, if you need to upgrade your skills, enroll a Practice Contest for free. Once you're confident of your skills, you can join Cash reward Contests.


    What are Open public & Closed Private Contests?

    Playing Fan Super League (FSL) gets even more exciting and challenging game of skills when  Public contests are open for all to join whereas private contests allows to invite & challenge your friends to be rival team in the same contest. You can invite your friends , family members, colleagues by email or through Facebook. Only those who have the invite code for a Private Contest can join that contest. Go ahead and create your first Private Contests and play with your friends, family members and office colleagues.


    How many types of contest can I enrol in?

    A player/ user can enrol in a host of Public Cash reward Contests like the Mega Contest, Hot Contests, Only for Beginners/amateurs , Head-to-Head Contests, Contests for Champions / pro players, Winner Takes All and more but losers still win a lot in way of discount coupons etc subject to geographical locations of the user. You can join Cash reward Contests to win actual money! You can also join the free Practice Contests to improve your skills. There is more to it, you can create your own Private circle Contests to compete with your friends! Pre-Decide how many users you want to allow the private contest, what the winning amount would be and much more in Private Contests.


    How can I enrol for a Public Contest?

    To enrol in a Public Contest, follow the below sequence of steps:

    • Select the match from the schedule that you wish to enrol and compete.
    • You can pick any of the listed contests to enrol in. You will have to press on the Entry Fee tab of the contest to enrol that contest.
    • Creating a team will be mandatory, you will be asked to create your own team using your own gaming skills. To know how to create a team, click here.
    • Once you have composed your team, it will ask you for a confirmation to enrol the selected contest.
    • As soon as you click on "Enrol or Join Contest", you will be a member of that contest. Just head over to "Joined / enrolled Contests" section to see all your enrolled or joined contests for that match.


    How shall I join or enrol into a Private Contest?

    Your friend must invite you by sending a link to join a Private Contest on FSL. You must click on that link in order to become a part of an exciting contest.

    • If you are a pre registered user on FSL gaming app or website and haven't already created your own team for the match, you will need to create your team for the contest you're invited to.
    • After making your own selected team of players, enter the invitation code on the contests page in the text box. Click on the 'Join / Enrol' button. The system will confirm and display deduction of the entry fee for the contest from your FSL wallet or from account or prompt you to make payment in case your account / wallet does not have the adequate balance
    • If you are a 1st time user, you will need to first register on FSL. After successful registration and verification of your mobile number and email id, you can follow the above steps starting with creating your team
    • Remit the entry fee to the invited contest in order to participate / enrol in it.
    • Be part of as many more contests you can to increase the chances of winning more cash but with applying your skills which would be mainly based on stats!


    How a Private Contest can be created on my FSL?

    Simple steps to be followed create a Private Contest and challenge your friends:

    • Select a scheduled league match as listed on FSL that you want to enrol / participate in
    • Click on the 'Create Contest' tab
    • Create the contest of your choice using the given options & enrol / join.
    • Invite  / challenge your friends, family members colleagues  via email, or by sharing a unique code on Facebook and tag those friends whom you wish to play the challenge with.
    • Your friends can enrol / join this contest by clicking on the link sent to them

    This is all it needs to be done! Now your own Private Contest on FSL is ready to rock and roll.


    Is it possible to enrol / join contests for future matches listed in schedule in advance?

    Once a match is listed on the FSL platform you can select the match create  team for that match and be ready in prior but the team players selected may or may not be playing in the squad for which changes are allowed only till the time mentioned in the contest before the match begins.


    Do I win anything in a Practice Contest?

    Practice Contests do not let you win any cash prizes but help you gain experience to contest smartly in cash reward contest and improve your gaming skills. So we always advice to play a few  practice contest before you are all geared up to play a cash contest.


    What happens to a contest if it doesn't fill up with the required number of teams?

    The types of contest are pre declared on FSL as mentioned below.

    • Confirmed Contests which will any how go ahead even if they are not filled with the given number of players. You will see a 'C' next to these contests.
    • Non-confirmed contests, which will be cancelled if they are not filled. In this case, the contest will be cancelled and your entry fees will be refunded to your FSL account within 2 hours. So make sure to refer and invite maximum friends to join the contest and fill the required numbers of players for a particular contest you would like to play!


    Will the number of  winners be pre-decided before the contest is formed?

    The number of winners will vary for different contests depending on the reward money and number of teams but it will be pre declared. The number of winners in a contest will be shown by clicking on the contest and this information will be disclosed as soon as the contest is made available to join.


    When shall my deposited amount reflect in my FSL wallet account?

    • There can be an unexpected delay in reflecting your FSL wallet balance. It may be the case that the bank has not cleared your transaction and we shall receive the amount once they clear. But not to worry the complete process is digital and there cannot be any mistake in it.
    • In such circumstances, it can take up to 45 minutes for the transaction to be reflected. In case the amount does not get added even after a reasonable time, there is no reason to worry!! The transaction is possibly stuck and we do get notified by our Payment Gateway once it gets successful and the transaction is accordingly credited to your FSL payment wallet. This usually happens when our Payment Gateway reconciles the transaction with the bank on the next working day.
    • In the meanwhile when the stuck payment take time to reflect you shall always try alternate method of payments to not miss the chance of creating a challenging team to contest, please feel free to make another add cash transaction using an alternate mode like credit cards, debit cards, internet banking or wallets.
    • The whole payment process is completely safe if it does not come to the FSL account wallet it will automatic travel back to your account. 


    Can we Deposit cash?

    You have option of  your credit card, debit card, net banking account or wallets (PayTM) to make deposits into your FSL account but as per the RBI rules no hard cash depositing facility available any where.


    What type of cards does FSL allow to make a payment?

    FSL through its payment gateway aggregator will accept all kind of credit/debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Rupay and Diners. Our payment gateway partner is Razor Pay .

    Accept All Payment Modes

    With Domestic and International Credit & Debit cards, EMI, Net banking from 58 banks, UPI and 8 mobile wallets


    For every time easy payment how should I add or delete my credit / debit card details?

    The process is very simple you can Go to tab marked with  Me -> Account -> Manage Payments and enter your credit/debit card number, followed by valid expiry date. Then click on save your card if you wish to for fast process in the next payment cycle.


    • You can add any number of credit/debit cards to your payment gateway account.
    • We accept all major credit/debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Rupay and Diners. We currently do not accept American Express cards.
    • It is absolutely safe to add your cards with us factually none of the card details can be viewed on our side all details remain in complete 128 bit encryption. We do NOT store your credit/debit card details with us, including your CVV number. 

    If you feel so to delete your saved  card details on the app please click on Account tab -> Manage Payments, click on Add/Remove Cards and then choose the card you wish to delete.

    We only work with Government & RBI authorized trusted third party payment gateways with 3D secure authentication to ensure safety & security of all your financial transactions.


    Does FSL save my card details and is it secure to store the card details on the app?

    It is absolutely safe and secure. FSL does  not store any of your credit/debit card details on the app nor on any of the FSL database, including your CVV number. We only work with trusted third party payment gateways which in our case it is RAZOR pay with 3D secure authentication to ensure safety & security of all your financial transactions.


    What if I don't have a PayTM account?

    You simply need to follow the process and add your mobile number on the app we shall do the rest to help you create your PAYTM account number within no time.


    Can more than one PayTM account be linked on my FSL account?

    At any given point in time, you can link only one PayTM account on FSL. Your mobile number which is verified on your FSL account only can be used to login to PayTM to make deposits. If you ever wish to use another Paytm account, you will first have to de-link your existing mobile number from your core FSL account and verify the other number in order to use that PayTM account.


    What is the process to link or de-link my PayTM account to my FSL account?

    A user can link his / her PayTM account using OTP authentication. By the process he has to Go to PROFILE -> Account -> Manage Payments to link your PayTM account.

    For de-linking:
    Go to PROFILE -> Account -> Manage Payments. Tap on the PayTM option and click 'Unlink PayTM account' on the following page.

    We shall help you create a PayTM account for you if you don't have one. Just enter your mobile number you wish to link during the linking process, and we shall do the needful.
    According to our general privacy policies, it's mandatory that  both your FSL and PayTM mobile numbers are identical in the system.


    What is a auto debit feature in PayTm?

    Pay tm auto debit feature, you can now link your Pay tm account to your FSL account for quick transaction and single-tap payments.


    Why do I get transaction error when I use my Rupay debit card?

    1. Rupay cards also known as ATM cards and sometimes are not enabled for online banking. You will have to inquire with your bank that have they enabled your card for net banking or not. 
    2. Till then we would request you to use an alternate card or alternate mode of payment like Credit card, Visa/Master/Maestro debit card, and PayTM wallet and all the other 8 wallets option is available to deposit money into your FSL account.


    Once I request for withdrawal of my amount from my FSL rewards account when shall it reflect in my registered bank account?

    • The payout after your request may be done in 10-15 working days max and it shall reflect in the same bank account number which is verified at the time of  registration.
    • Just in case if the payout fails to reach your account post 15 working days of the withdrawal request, your withdrawal may have been denied by your bank. Common reason for the rejection can only be an incorrect account number, wrong IFSC code, NRI account etc.
    • In case there has been a rejection or denial, there is no need to worry. The money shall return to the FSL account and you can again follow the same process with correct account details. If  you still do not receive the withdrawal in your bank account within the 15 working days, please click here
    • These policies are in adherence to IFSG guidelines for strict monitoring malpractices and fraud control


    What is the Process of withdrawing my cash rewards?

    To get your withdrawal in your account you need to follow the easy process as mentioned below. :

    • Step 1: Login to your FSL account
    • Step 2: Go to Profile and click on 'Withdrawal' Tab option under the cash rewards winnings section. If your account is pre-checked and PAN and bank verified, you will receive an option to enter an amount once you click on 'Withdrawal' Tab.
    • Step 3: You can write the amount you would like to withdraw from the account of your choice subject to availability in your account. You will receive a confirmation from FSL on your registered email id and your registered mobile number.

      User can extract money only from the rewards balance once your FSL  account is verified. You cannot withdraw the bonus cash amount but you can use it to join more contests and win more. This verification is a one-time process which doesn't need to be repeated unless you wish to make changes to your FSL account. In order to make a successful withdrawal request we need you to provide the following bank account details of your own bank account: Name of the bank, Name of the branch, Name of the account holder, account no. and IFSC code. Once your account is verified, you can withdraw the desired amount (min. of Rs.200 and max. of Rs.2,00,000 at a time) and it will be deposited into your bank account within 15 working days.


              Please note that you can request for a maximum 1 withdrawals per day and not exceeding a total value of Rs. 2,00,000/-.


    Our withdrawal policy is updated during contests and offers and you are requested to please check the terms and conditions of the offer for current withdrawal policy.


    Daily how much Withdrawal limit is marked?


    Yes, you can request for a maximum 1 withdrawals per day and not exceeding a total value of Rs. 2,00,000/-.

    Withdrawal amount limit is min. of Rs.200 and max. of Rs.2,00,000 at a time.

    Our withdrawal policy is updated during contests and offers and you are requested to please check the terms and conditions of the offer for current withdrawal policy.

    Do I have option to use someone else's bank account to withdraw my cash rewards money?

    Sorry, you can route the withdraw able money from your FSL account balance ONLY to your own bank account. If you do not own a bank account, your cash rewards will be kept safe and will keep getting accumulated in your FSL account balance. Once you are ready with a bank account in your name, you can use the same procedure to get your FSL account verified and place your withdrawal requests again.


    Is my cash bonus allowed to withdraw ?

    Cash bonus is not allowed to withdraw . But you can always use the bonus amount to  join cash reward contests to win real money & withdraw the same to your bank account.


    Does this withdrawal are liable for any tax deductions?

    • (TDS) Taxes are deducted at source wherever applicable and remitted out by us, as per the Income Tax Act 1961 under the TDS chapter. Thus, if your individual winnings of cash rewards for a single contest are exceeding than Rs.10,000, a tax of 31.2% will be deducted. The remaining amount (68.80%) will be credited to your winnings balance. For e.g. If you win Rs.1,00,000, Rs.31,200 will be deducted and your actual winnings are Rs.68,800.
    • Winners can inform their respective CA to confirm the TDS trace over the income tax website every quarterly of the financial year and will be provided TDS certificates in respect of such tax deductions, if applicable. However, you shall be responsible for payment of any other applicable tax, including but not limited to, income tax, gift tax, etc. in respect of the Cash Prizes money won. If you have any queries regarding taxation, we strongly suggest that you consult with a tax expert

    • Continue reading this document to know the details on the issuance of TDS Certificate. Alternatively, you can write to us by clicking here 


    Once I have requested for Withdrawal, how many days it would take to get processed?

    Your withdrawal request are processed on the very next working day of you submitting a withdrawal request and are transferred to your verified bank account which is only in your name within 15 working days. Your FSL account credentials must be verified before you place a withdrawal request.


    What shall I do if my withdrawal shows cancelled in the system?

    Your withdrawal may have been cancelled in the system due to the below reasons:

    • Wrong  IFSC code verified for your account.
    • Bank name does not match with the name verified on FSL account
    • If a wrong account number is verified on the FSL account

    Just in case if the withdrawal has been cancelled due to the above reason, be rest assured that your amount will be credited back to your FSL account and you will be asked to re-verify the authentic bank details to put up another fresh withdrawal request. You can go ahead and complete your verification again and withdraw the winnings to the authenticated bank account.

    In case your withdrawal has been cancelled other then the reasons mentioned above and comes under the criteria of  'FairPlay Violation Detected', click here to know our FairPlay Policy


    FairPlay Violation, whats that?

    Making multiple FSL accounts by a single user, Making multiple accounts for misusing a referral link to get a cash bonus, for any cash bonus withdrawal if practiced by unlawful means & furnishing fake documents or uploading someone’s documents constitutes FairPlay Violation on FSL.


    I’ve received email or sms from FSL that stats my account has been deactivated/my balance has been deducted. In such case what help can I get?

    If  your mail box receives such an email, it may be due to certain suspected activity flagged in your FSL  account which has violated the terms of Fair Play policy. In case of a suspended flagged  account, send us a mail by clicking here


    What is Cash Bonus? Can I get it & how?

    The Cash Bonus is a dynamic feature on FSL. You can get a cash bonus by the following ways:

    • By inviting friends to FSL: Invite friends to play and win Bonus Cash.
    • Constant promotions: We keep running dynamic promotions where in you may earn the cash bonus. Keep an eye on our notifications to know about our latest promotions and offers.


    Remember, you can use your cash bonus to join any public cash contests but you won’t be able to join any private contests with the same. Your cash bonus expires from 30 days of credit.


    Process to utilise cash bonus?

    The cash bonus can be utilised in the following way:

    a) A user is the one who has deposited cash in his FSL account. If you deposit cash in your FSL account, 10% of the entry fee will be deducted from your cash bonus (up to Rs.5000/-), and the rest from Unutilised and Winnings balance. The maximum cash bonus that can be used per match is Rs. 5000/- For example, if a depositor, joins a 2 member public contest with Entry Fee as 5,750; Rs.575 will go from your cash bonus account (provided you have the balance) and rest will be deducted from Un-utilized account.

    b) If a user has joined through a referral, playing with Cash Bonus, you will only be able to use a maximum of Rs. 25 as cash bonus till the time your entry fees are below Rs. 250 per match. Once your entry fees reach above Rs. 250, a flat 10% of the entry fee will be deducted from the cash bonus.

    Please note, Cash Bonus cannot be used to play private contests. The Cash Bonus is valid for 30 days from the date of credit.


    What is the cash bonus expiry period generally?

    The cash bonus received will be valid for 30 days from the date it gets credited to your FSL account. In case you don't utilise the cash bonus amount, it will get expired post 30 days.

    You get an notification on your 'My Account' page, that your cash bonus will expire on a certain date, a few days before the expiry date. Since the expired amount is flushed out of  your account, we suggest you join as much as possible contests and make maximum use of the cash bonus amount before it is flushed. To know how the cash bonus is utilised, you can go through the "Cash Bonus Utilisation" section.


    How and when will the winning amount be distributed?

    The winners declaration and disbursement of the cash reward to your FSL account usually happens within a few of hours after the game is concluded. Our dedicated accounts team verifies the FSL scoreboard with our live feed to make sure that the points and scores are correctly updated after every match or event. This procedure can take a relatively long time. Only after our accounts personal are sure that all points and scores are a perfect match, the final points are updated and winners are disclosed.


    How will I be notified if I have won a Cash prize?

    Ranks, position and points will be refreshed, updated and displayed while game is on as the match progresses and also at the end of every match. If you happen to win in any cash reward contest, the winnings shall be credited automatically to your FSL account balance and you will receive an email or sms notification from our dedicated accounts team with the details of your winnings.


    Whats the process for shifting my winnings into my bank account?

    • When you win in a cash reward contest, your winnings will be accumulated to your FSL  account balance within couple of  hours once the live match is concluded. However, for matches which ending late at night after office hours, the winnings for the same shall be added to your account balance the next working day morning.
    • You can withdraw money from your account balance to your bank account once your FSL  account is completely verified. Click on Menu tab -> Verify Now to place a verification request.
    • Post once verification is done, you can submit your withdrawal request and the amount will be added to your bank account within 15 working days. Once again you must remember, the minimum amount you can withdraw at a time is Rs.200.


    What is the process followed if there is a tie between winners of a multiple winner cash reward contest?

    In case of a tie between winners of a multiple cash reward contest for any position, the prize money for the winner's position and the immediately next winning position (if any), and so forth in sequence with the number of tied winners, will be aggregated sumed and shared equally among the tied winners. Rest all other prize money will remain as per the winner's standing and as pre declared positions.

    Example: If there are 3 User tied for the 1st winning position, the sum of the 1st, 2nd  & 3rd  position prize money will be distributed equally between these 3 winners and the next highest scorer will be awarded the prize money for the 4th  position.


    How is the prize money divided and distributed in case of multiple winners?

    The prize money that each winner will receive is explained in detail by clicking on the total winners for that contest. Please note that applicable taxes will be deducted on winnings above Rs. 10,000 as per Government regulations.


    If other competing users in the contest are at the same ranking points position as me, how will the winnings be divided and distributed?

    The cash rewards will be equally split among any number of tied users. E.g. If the winning amount is Rs.10000 in a 3-member contest and 2 teams end up with equal (highest) points, then these 2 users will get Rs.5000 each as cash reward winnings


    Do the amount in my Winnings Account have a specific period or an expiry date?

    If the amount in your Winnings Account is not withdrawn to your bank account by raising a request within 335 days from the date of credit, it will be automatically deposited  to your verified bank account which is in record with FSL.

     In case if no bank account is provided or you have yet to complete the verification for the FSL  account, the amount would stand forfeited by FSL after a short notice period on mail. So it's very important job of a user that he gets his own FSL account verified as soon as possible.


    Why have I not received my cash reward winnings in my FSL account balance yet?

    • Normally, the winnings for a match are added to your account balance within 4 working hours of the match being completed.
    • However, for matches ending late at night, winners will be declared the following working day morning after which your winnings will be added to your FSL account balance.


    When can I Obtain my TDS certificate?

    Your TDS certificate gets generated within 3 months from the winning date. We will be emailing it to your registered email address once it is available.

    Below are the dates that have been scheduled to send your TDS Certificates to your email address registered on FSL:

    TDS Deduction Month

    Tentative  to receive TDS

    April To June

    after 15th Aug

    July to Sept

    after 15th Nov

    Oct to Dec

    after 15th Feb

    Jan to March

    after 15th June

    Please note: TDS Certificates will ONLY be provided to users who have verified their PAN card within that time period. We will not be able to provide TDS Certificates for that cycle if you have not verified your PAN card and the same shall not be claimable at a later date as well.


    Does any tax get deducted from my winnings?

    When you win above Rs.10,000 from a single contest, the tax of 31.2% will be deducted and the rest gets added as winnings. You will also receive a TDS certificate 3 months from the winning date with details of the deduction.


    Is transfer of balance from one FSL account to another allowed?

    It is not allowed and against the law. The balance in a specific FSL account can only be used to join Cash Contests or can be withdrawn to the linked bank account.


    Know  the FSL account operation & balance .

    You can, withdraw or deposit money into your FSL account anytime by going to “Me” section.

    Please note the above will only happen once the account is verified, you need to get your account verified by us on account of  withdraw money! But that’s very easy. This is a one-time activity until you wish to change your account details. You can again view how to verify your mobile, email, PAN and bank and redo the process and things will be taken care of.

    Your FSL account is sub divided into 3 categories:

    1 - Deposited: Your amount deposited by any means but haven’t joined any contest using this amount, it will be categorized as ‘Deposited’ in your account.

    2 - Winnings: The amount you have earned by winning in a cash reward contests. No processing fees shall be deducted by us but if there is a transaction charge buy the bank or the third party agency under the head of convenience fee that shall be not claimable from us. we can’t ensure any other will be deducted charges if you wish to withdraw any amount from your winnings.

    3 - Bonus: It means free ! This is a bonus amount given to you to support your wish to play but such amount  cannot be withdrawn to your bank account. However, you can use it to join more contests.


    Will I get any intimation or notification for my transaction?

    For all successful or failed transactions, you will get a intimation or confirmation email with your Order Id and the amount, from FSL on your registered FSL email id.


    How can I view and verify my FSL account balance?

    The balance in your FSL account will be reflected in the 'My Account' section always. You can click on PROFILE tab to go to 'My Account' page and click on 'My recent transaction' to check your most recent engagements on FSL.


    What number of transactions can I view on my Account Balance page?

    You can view only last 20 transactions. To see more number of transactions you can always write to us for desired statement and your request shall be processed in 5 working days Max.


    What is the order of my Account Balance getting utilized towards the entry fee for a cash reward contest?

    When a user joins a open public cash contest, FSL will first debit the entry fee amount from your 'Cash Bonus' account, then from your 'Deposits' account, followed by your Winnings account to cover the entry fee for any cash contest that you join. The sequence of deduction will always be logical and justified.

    When you join a private cash contest, FSL shall first debit the entry fee amount from your 'Deposits' account, followed by your Winnings account to cover the entry fee for any cash contest that you join.


    Does the amount in my FSL 'Deposits' Account have any expiry date or validity period?

    All amounts credited to your 'Deposits' account must be utilized within 335 days of credit. In case any unutilized amount lies in the account after 335 days from the date of credit of such amount, FSL will hold and reserve the right to forfeit such unutilized amount, without liability or obligation to pay any compensation to you. Any of the deposit account will have no interest earning on it by any reason or means.


    In what conditions my refund towards my entry fees will be done?

    • If any of the contest is not filled with the required number of participants or if the real match is abandoned the contest will be cancelled and we will refund the entry fee if joined to your FSL account within maximum 24hrs.
    • If contests have been cancelled for the below reasons, or any other reasons as may be notified from time to time, the entry fees of all participants in such match will be refunded in full within 24hrs.
    • If the real match is abandoned, all contests for the match will be cancelled and the entry fees will be refunded in full within 24 hrs. This includes scenarios where the real match is abandoned without a single ball being bowled, as well as where the match is abandoned after it has started.
    • If the match has a result (i.e., ends in a win to either team or a tie but not a "no result") even if not played out fully, we will announce the results of the contests as per normal, except where a result or progression of a team in the tournament is purely decided by:
      • the results of a Super Over or Bowl Out,
      • the toss of a coin,
      • prior results between or relative standings of the teams in the tournament, or
      • any methodology other than those envisaged by the official score revision rules (e.g., Duckworth Lewis Stern) applicable to weather-affected matches in the particular tournament.

    For the sake of clarity, the scores of a Super Over shall not be considered towards rankings under any circumstances.


    Will the points for every match updated in real-time?

    Update of  the points shall be on a real-time basis unless the third party api provider may sometimes have technical glitch. However, Points/ranks can sometimes take a bit longer to verify, than usual to reflect. You shall remain assured that the final scores, points and rankings are reflected once the match is completed. We also verify the points with live score feeds provided by reliable sources to ensure that the points/ranks are correctly reflected after every match.


    What happens is a player is actually playing in the official squad in real but the same is not available for selecting in the selecting on the FSL app, in such cases what a user can do?

    We  have experts and third-party service providers to give us the most accurate and reliable squad information. Different websites and publications use different sources to get squad information. There can be a possibility if there is a last minute change in the squad by selectors then the game will run as it is.

    If you believe that a player is missing from our list, please click on the below mentioned mail and send us a snapshot for authenticating such info which says that the particular player is part of the official squad. Our experts will verify this information and, if needed, will take the required action.

    How does the points scoring work?

    You will score points depending on how the players in your team perform in the live match. So, make sure you pick a winning combination to help you win. Check out our detailed Points System to understand how to score on FSL.


    When do the scores get updated?

    Points are usually updated every few minutes! However, when the match ends, the status changes from 'In Progress' to 'Waiting For Review'. In this time, the final points including your team's total and your rank are updated. Winners are declared and winnings are distributed only after our team verifies the final points. This process normally takes couple of hours once the winners are declared the match is shown as complete.


    I have created my team before the deadline is crossed, so why hasn't my team started receiving any points yet?

    Points start getting allocated to your team post deadline.  So, you will see your points once they start updating on the server from our end.


    Can I cross-check my team’s points?

    You can cross-check your points by going on the ‘Your Scorecard’ link on the contests page. If you want to cross-check your team’s points with the points system again, check out our Fantasy Points System

    Which website do you refer to update the points?

    We get our live score feed from reliable third-party service providers. All our points are calculated using this live feed. However, we also tally these scores with other scorecards and live score feeds for accuracy while updating points.


    What is the reason that ranks, keep fluctuating during a contest?

    The rank will keep on fluctuating till the time the game is not over, as the rank is dependent on the performance of the player selected on field. So sometimes if the performance of a player in the game is not good the points may go down. Similarly if the players in the competitor’s team are performing better the rival may get better ranking position which too may swing either ways.

    Visit the Points section page for details.


    What happens when multiple people in a contest have the same points? How will you distribute the prize?

    When there is a draw between multiple players, the prize money is divided equally among the players with equal amount. However, in a 2-member head-to-head contest, the entire amount is refunded to both players if their teams were the same, including the Captain and Vice-captain.


    What happens when a match result ends in a draw?

    When a match is draw, winners are still declared at the end of the match on the basis of the points and ranks of users participating in the contest.

    What rule gets applied when a ODI/T20 match is abandoned or not played out fully?

    • The match will be cancelled and the entry fees will be refunded, if the real match is abandoned. This includes scenarios where the real match is abandoned without a single ball being bowled, as well as where the match is abandoned after it has started.
    • If the real match has a result even if not played out fully, we will announce the results of the match as per the fantasy scorecard points accumulated, except where a result is a consequence solely of
    • (i) the results of a Super Over or Bowl Out,
    • (ii) the toss of a coin,
    • (iii) prior results between or relative standings of the teams in the tournament, or
    • (iv) any methodology other than those envisaged by the official score revision rules (e.g., Duckworth Lewis Stern) applicable to weather-affected matches in the particular tournament.


    What happens if a Test match is concludes in a draw?

    If a Test match is declared drawn with neither of the teams completing a single inning, the match will be cancelled and the entry fees will be refunded in 4 hours. If a Test match is declared drawn with either team (or not necessarily both) completing a single inning, the match will be considered to have completed and the entry fees will not be refunded.

    Notes: An innings will be deemed completed if a batting team either declares or gets bowled out (i.e., loses ten wickets) in such innings.


    Is change of TEAM NAME permissable?

    You can change your TEAM NAME Only Once. Your Team Name it is your unique code on FSL system logs. We believe in Fair & transparent game, and allow everyone who's joined a contest to track their opponents and see their points and ranking. If team names are frequently changed, it becomes very difficult to track performances and assess the competition.


    Can I change my PAN Card?

    No, you CANNOT change your PAN Card as it is your primary identity proof on FSL records. As this will be your verified pan card the system will not accept any other pan number on your name.

    If required can I deactivate my FSL account?

    It would be highly unlikely that you will decide to leave us but though, However, if you still wish to deactivate your account, write to us on ‘info@fansuperleague.com’


    Can I change my BANK account to a new account in FSL records?

    To change the bank account details on your existing verified FSL account, kindly write to us and we shall update it manaully. 

    Please note that as a policy, we will be confirming your request with a few account related questions before we go ahead and help you change your bank account. 

    Note:  Your such request will not be entertained in between a withdrawal process only after that it shall be changed.


    Can I change any of my profile details?

    Certain changes may be permitted on the my profile tab but apart from that you will need to write to us in detail with reasons and documented proofs. You can send us a mail on by clicking here.


    Can I get my Email ID updated?

    Your Email ID can only be changed in case you do not have access to your existing email account. In this case, you will have to write to us from a new email address which is not registered/verified on FSL so we can replace your new email address on the existing FSL account manually and the same shall be updated to you as soon as possible.


    Is change of my mobile number permitted?

    You are only permitted to change the mobile number in case you do not have access to your existing mobile number. For such case, you will have to write to us with your new mobile number which is not registered/verified on FSL only then we would be able to successfully de-link your number and register the new number provided by you.

    You can click on the below link and enter your details so we can reach out to you in regards to your Mobile number change request. Click here to send us a mail

    Can I change my BANK account?

    Change in banking details on your existing verified FSL account, kindly write to us with a comment "Change of bank as Not Verified". 

    Please note that as a security policy, we will be confirming your request with a few account related questions before we go ahead and help you change your bank account. 

    Note: If your withdrawal is in process, request you to raise the bank account change request AFTER the withdrawal is credited into your bank account. Click here to send us a request.

    Can I change my state, gender or address?

    Please go to PROFILE -->Personal Details to change your Gender & Address at your end.

    If your account is already verified, you cannot change your state of residence. If there is a shift in residence you can write to us and we shall do the needful.


    Can I change my Email ID?

    Your Email ID can only be changed in case you do not have access to your existing email account. You will have to write to us from a new email address which is not registered/verified on FSL so we can replace your new email address on the existing record.

    Click here to send us your details so we can reach out to you in regards to your Email ID change request.

    Is change of my mobile number possible?

    Your mobile number can be changed in exception that, in case your access to your existing mobile number is blocked for any reason. In this case, you will have to write to us with your new mobile number which is not registered/verified on FSL so we can unlink your existing mobile number from your FSL account.

    You can click here to send us an email and we shall get in touch with you for the same.

    How much time it takes to get my account verified after the request is submitted?

    Generally it takes around 5 working days to process your verification request from the date you submit your request. But you are not restricted to play until then !!


    What is the process to verify my Mobile number on FSL?

    Below given steps to be followed for completing your mobile verification:

    • Tap on PROFILE' in the navigation menu and tap on the 'Withdraw' button
    • Enter your mobile number and click on 'Send OTP'. You will receive an OTP from us on your entered mobile number.
    • Enter the OTP on the screen and click on 'Verify' to get your FSL account mobile verified.


    What is the process to verify my Email Id on FSL?

    Please follow the below steps to complete your email verification:

    For Android/website:

    • Tap on 'PROFILE' in the bottom navigation menu and tap on the 'Withdraw' button
    • Enter your email address and click on 'Verify'. You will receive a verification email from us.
    • If you are a Gmail user, the email may go to your 'Promotions' folder. Find the email subject 'Confirm your FSL account' in the 'Promotions' tab. In case the link has expired, request for a new verification email by clicking on 'Resend' on the email verification page.

    For iOS users:

    • Tap on 'PROFILE' in the menu and tap on the 'Withdraw' button
    • Enter your email address and click on 'Verify'. You will receive a verification email from us.
    • If you are a Gmail user, the email may go to your 'Promotions' folder. Find the email subject 'Confirm your FSL account' in the 'Promotions' tab. In case the link has expired, request for a new verification email by clicking on 'Resend' on the email verification page.


    Why PAN verification mandatory?

    Yes, since your withdrawals involve the transfer of your amount  which is a legitimate financial transaction from your FSL account to your bank account. Hence, PAN Card is mandatory to get your account authenticated and verified. On time PAN verification will ensure issuance of timely Tax Deduction Certificates (TDS) if applicable.


    What bank account details do I need to provide for verification?

    We’ve got to be very sure that it’s you on the beneficiary end that we’re sending the money to. So, we need you to provide the following bank account details for withdrawals to verify your account correctly:

    • Name of the bank
    • Name of the branch
    • Name of the account holder
    • Account number and IFS Code.


    What process I need to follow to verify my PAN and Bank account on FSL?

    Account Verification is required only when you wish to Withdraw your cash rewards Winning Amount i.e. a minimum of Rs. 200/-.

    Click on - 'PROFILE' - -> 'WITHDRAW'

    PAN Verification

    • PAN Verification is mandatory to withdraw from your account balance (>=Rs.200/-).
    • Enter your Name, PAN and Date of Birth Exactly as mentioned on your PAN Card.
    • Upload a Clear Photo of PAN Card to avoid rejection.
    • Just wait for 3-5 days for us to verify your PAN.
    • Same PAN details cannot be used on multiple FSL accounts.
    • PAN cannot be Unlinked once verified on one FSL account.

    Bank Account Verification

    • Enter your Bank Account Number and IFSC accurately.
    • Upload the bank document (bank statement, passbook front page copy or a cheque having your name printed on it).
    • Just wait for 3-5 days for us to verify your Bank details.
    • Same Bank details cannot be used on multiple FSL accounts.


    Can a user verify more than one FSL account with same PAN Card and bank account?

    Multiple accounts of the same user violates our FairPlay policy and hence user is barred from verifying multiple accounts using the same PAN and bank details. We recommend you to only play with one FSL account where your PAN Card is verified.


    What is the reason of a verification request being declined?

    Primary reasons why your verification request may have failed are:

    • You did not upload an image of your PAN Card or the image is not clear.

    - Your withdrawals on FSL applies term a transfer of money. Hence, PAN Card is mandatory to get your FSL account verified. Please upload a clear image of your PAN Card.

    • PAN No. on the card does not match the PAN no.  entered during verification request

    - Double check the PAN that you have entered to avoid errors and save time.

    • Date of Birth on the PAN Card does not match the Date of Birth on your FSL account.

    - Please ensure that you enter the exact Date of Birth on the verification request as it appears on the PAN Card.

    • Name on the PAN Card does not match the name on the bank account.

    - You can withdraw money from your FSL account only to your own bank account. Hence, the name on the PAN Card and bank account need to match.

    • IFSC code provided in the bank details is incorrect/belongs to a different bank branch than the one mentioned for verification purposes.

    - If you provide the wrong IFSC code, your money could be transferred to account belonging to someone else. So, make sure you enter the correct code. You can find the IFSC code in your cheque-book, passbook or bank statements. If you are not sure, please contact your bank to get the correct code.

    • The documents uploaded by you are not clear/visible.

    - Our experts are humans after all! Please help them by uploading documents where all the details are clearly visible so that they can verify your details quickly.

    • Bank account number entered in verification request does not match with account number appearing on the uploaded proof.

    - Please ensure that you enter the exact bank account number in the verification request, as it appears on the bank account proof.

    In the rare case that your verification request gets rejected, the reason for rejection will appear on top of the verification page for your reference.

    How shall I unsubscribe to notifications?

    For unsubscribing notification from emails:

    You will see an 'Unsubscribe' link which will take you off the list for unsubscription of our notification mails.

    Note: You may get unsubscribed from all our email notifications and may require to contact the Customer Care team from the below link to get subscribed again.

    For SMS:

    You can visit the 'PROFILE' section and click on 'Full Profile' to either turn on/off the option to receive SMS notifications from us.


    What could be the cause that I am not receiving any email from FSL on my registered email address?

      1. It could have been marked as ‘Spam’ by your mailbox. Please check your spam mail and mark the email from FSL as ‘Not Spam’. Also, add support@fansuperleague.com to your 'safe sender' list so you can continue receiving emails from us.
      2. In case, you don't find our email in your email box, you may have unsubscribed to our emailers and so may not be receiving it. Please write to us from the below link to get your email address subscribed again and we shall remove all obstacles which may interrupt you from playing a genuine game of skills.

    c) You may not have entered the correct email address during registration. For any assistance, please write to us mentioning the correct email address so we can assist you further.


    How to check If someone else is using my FSL account? What should I do?

    Please report the issue by writing to us with subject line “fraud check” so we will immediately flag the mail with high priority of response. We shall check the number of IP being fluctuated on your id and shall advice you accordingly but prior to this follow the below steps only then we shall initiate our side investigation. If there is a financial fraud already committed we shall your account once you inform us but then simultaneously you will have to inform your card issuing authorities and they shall investigate as per RBI guidelines.

    • Your account has been hacked by someone you do not know.
    • Your friends/family members are using your FSL account.

    In case your email account has been hacked, please change the password of your email & FSL account immediately and write to us to log you out of all devices post which only you will be able to login to your FSL account using the new password. Send us a mail on support@fansuperleague.com


    Why does my PAN Card number says it's already been used on another FSL account while verifying?

    You may have registered on FSL earlier where you may have verified your PAN Card due to which the system is not allowing you to verify the same PAN on another FSL account. Know more about our Policy in regards to operating multiple FSL accounts.

    In case you believe you never verified your PAN on any FSL account and your PAN was not provided to your family/friends to create another account, please write to us from the below link.

    How does the referral program work?

    The Invite Friends program, available only on our apps, is designed to help you earn at every stage of your journey on FSL.

    1. Just download and install our app (iOS or Android) from here , locate the 'Invite Friends' section & start inviting friends. Invite your friends via Whatsapp, Facebook, email and more and get up to Rs. 100 cash bonus per friend! The more cash contests your friends join, the larger your cash bonus (max. up to Rs.100 per friend).
    2. Remember: your friend MUST enter your invite code correctly DURING registration as this a mandatory step to link his/her account to yours.
    3. Additionally, both you &your friend MUST download the app, verify your mobile number to earn the Rs.100 cash bonus.
    4. You can invite as many friends as you like. The more the merrier. 


    How do I earn the referral bonus?

    Once your invited friends join cash contests on FSL, you will get a cash bonus equal to 1/3rd of their entry fee. For example, if your friend has joined a cash contest with Rs.15 entry fees, you will receive a cash bonus of Rs. 5 in your FSL account. Remember, you can earn a maximum cash bonus of Rs.100 from each invited friend.

    Remember: The cash bonus will be credited to your account after the winners of the match (your friend has joined cash contests for) are declared (within 48 hours).


    Where do I find out my invite code?

    Simple! Click on 'PROFILE' section in your FSL account, scroll down to "Invite Friends & Get 100" and you will find your code. Invite your friends via Whatsapp, Facebook, email and more and get up to Rs. 100 cash bonus per friend!


    What is the maximum number of invites I can generate from my app.?

    You can invite as many friends as you like and take benefit of time to time offers in regards to referrals and invite codes. We follow friends cannot be limited so it’s always said more people more the competition and more of thrill and excitement.


    I was registered using a referral code scheme however I did not receive any cash bonus. Why?

    • In order to get the referral bonus, you need to enter a valid invite code (shared by your friend) during registration manually.
    • If you have missed entering it during registration, unfortunately, you are not eligible for the bonus. However, you can get a cash bonus by inviting your friends and getting them to register using your invite code (max bonus of Rs. 100 per friend). You can find your invite code by visiting the Invite Friends section on the 'Me' page.
    • In case you have correctly entered the invite code shared by your friend during registration, but have not received your bonus yet, click here to write to us with your friends invite code that you used so that we can help you out.



    My friend has registered using my invite code and played cash contests as well. When will I start getting my referral bonus?

    • Your friend must be displayed in your Invite Friends dashboard to make you eligible for the bonus. Please visit the 'Invite Friends' section in the menu and then click on the link at the bottom of the screen to locate your 'Invite Friends' Dashboard.
    • Once you find your friend in the list, relax! Please note that you will get the applicable cash bonus in your account within 48 hours after the winners of the match (your friend has joined cash contest/s in) are declared.
    • You will receive 1/3rd of the total amount your friend has joined cash contest/s with (maximum Rs.100 from each friend).
    • In case your friend is not showing up in your 'Invite Friends' list, he/she may have missed entering your invite code during registration on the Android/iOS app. In this scenario, he/she would not have received the invite bonus as well.
    • If you believe that your friend has entered your code during registration and is still not showing in your invite friends dashboard, please click here and write to us mentioning the issue along with your invite code.

    My cash bonus/invite code has been blocked. How do I unblock it?

    Our system would have detected FairPlay Violation on your FSL account due to which the cash bonus and invite code gets blocked. This usually happens when an invite code is used several times to create multiple (fake) accounts on FSL.

    We suggest that you follow the following steps to unblock your Cash Bonus/referral (invite) code. Please make sure that you are using the latest Android/iOS app.

    To unblock cash bonus:

    • Log into your account
    • From the bottom menu, go to 'PROFILE' --> 'My Account'

    Click on 'How to Unblock' and follow the instructions.

    To unblock invite code:

    • Select 'Invite Friends' from the 'More' menu on the bottom right.
    • Click on 'How to Unblock' and follow the instructions.

    Can I buy rewards or exchange one reward for another?

    Never. They wouldn’t be called rewards if you could buy them. Joining Cash Contests to earn them is a lot more rewarding, we think.

    Also, you will not be able to exchange any rewards as you get fixed rewards at certain stages of your FSL journey.


    I have deposited Rs 1,000. Will this count towards levelling up?

    No. You will have to join Cash Contests to start levelling up.


    Will the Cash Bonus I use to join contests count towards levelling up?

    That would be convenient, wouldn’t it? But no, Cash Bonus will NOT count towards levelling up. Only the amount used from the “Deposit Balance” or “Winning Balance” will count towards your Champions Rewards Program.


    What is the FSL Champions Program?

    The FSL Champions Program is our way of making your FSL experience even more fun! It's simple - play more Cash Contests, and keep levelling up. If that wasn't enough, we have a lot more coming your way. Stay calm and play on FSL to feel like a true Champion!

    Details will be announced shortly.


    How many types of rewards are there?

    We are currently giving rewards in the form of a Cash Bonus for every 10th level you reach. You will get a Cash Bonus for reaching level 10, level 20, level 30 and so on. We will be coming up with many other exciting types of rewards in the future, so keep playing!

    Note:- The Cash Bonus you get as rewards will expire within 130 days from the day its credited in your FSL account. So make sure to use it to join contests and win.


    When will Level Up calculation happen?

    Level Up calculation will ONLY happen after the winner declaration process for each match is completed.
    This typically happens within 1 hour after the end of the match. It may take longer for matches that end late at night.

    Please note that cash bonus will NOT count towards levelling up. Only the amount used from the Unutilized‚ or‚ Winnings balance will count.


    How do I check my current level?

    It's simple. Make sure you're on the latest version of our Android/iOS app. Tap on the 'PROFILE' section in the bottom menu. Here, you will see your current level and all other information related to your profile.

    In case you do not have the latest app, you can click here to download our latest app or watch the video on 'how to download the app'.





    What & Why is a game of skill under Indian laws?

    A game of skill is when a player invests his/her time in learning, practising and refining his skill to perform in a particular game. It is just like if a student needs to prepare for his exam he cannot go for it to write the paper before learning for it. The same way in this kind of games the user is required to have certain degree of expertise and research to be a part of this game. The Supreme Court noted that games of skill would be where

    • “success depends principally upon the superior knowledge, training, attention, experience and adroitness of the player. It is also noted by the Supreme Court that a Game of Skill will have a predominance of Skill Factor.
    • The principal legislation governing gambling in India is the Public Gambling Act, 1867 (“PGA”). The PGA criminalises the act of ‘gambling’ in a public forum and the keeping of a ‘common gaming house’. The PGA, however, creates an important exception in favour of games of skill, by stating that the provisions of the PGA shall [not] be held to apply to any ‘game of mere skill’ wherever played.


    How is Betting and Fantasy Sports differentiated under Indian laws?

    • A game completely depended on an outcome of a specific event without involving any skill on the part of the participant is defined as Betting whereas Fantasy Sports does not depend on the outcome of a real-life event and is purely based on the skills of the participant involving knowledge of the sport, players likely to participate, players’ forms, weather conditions and such other related factors. The Outcome achieved by a participant of a Fantasy Sports Game has no dependency whatsoever on the outcome of the real-life game.


    • The principal legislation governing gambling in India is the Public Gambling Act, 1867 (“PGA”). The PGA criminalises the act of ‘gambling’ in a public forum and the keeping of a ‘common gaming house’. The PGA, however, creates an important exception in favour of a game of skill, by stating that the provisions of the PGA shall [not] apply to any ‘game of mere skill’ wherever played.


    Is FSL Legal?

    FSL is India’s one of the best innovative and  Fantasy Sports platform with a rapid growing user base every moment, Indians one of the most intelligent population of this sub continent playing Fantasy Cricket.

    It is such a sports gaming pattern 99% application is considered as Game of Skill where you use your sports IQ to convert yourself from an observing fan to a team selector position where you create your own team and then sit back and analyse your selection while the game is on in actual! Games of skill are excluded from the definition and purview of “gambling” under applicable Indian laws and also there are set principles and precedents which now are clear answer to all questions in regards to legality of the pattern of the game.

    Hence, joining a cash reward contest and winning cash on FSL is legal, secure and legitimate income of which Indian law permits. Winning Combo Private Ltd. The legal handler of the app abides by the laws of land and will act according to the rules and regulations always and adjust its working only as per the set rules and regulations of any or all government concerned bodies.


    Payment format on such app version of Fantasy Sports legal is it in as per the legal frame work of the constitution of India?

    FSL does not work on any such formats which are not legal and not as per the law of land. FSL takes great care to comply with all central and state legislation in India to ensure that our users are fully protected on the legality of the format. All contests on our platform is of similar format carefully designed to comply with applicable statutes and regulations in India as per the legality and also as per the tax applicability.

    Below are the key points from an Indian High Court’s judgement specifically regarding a popular fantasy game company. A challenge to this judgement was also dismissed by the Supreme Court of India:

    • The Court, in its ruling, stated that playing the game of skill involves considerable skill, judgement and discretion and that success on such  game arises out of users’ exercise, superior knowledge, judgment and attention
    • The Court also held that ‘the element of skill’ had a predominant influence on the outcome of the game, which follows the following format:
      • Participants have to choose a team consisting of at least the same no. of players as playing in a real-life sports team (e.g. 5 in basketball, 7 in kabaddi and 11 in cricket/football)
      • All contests are run for at least the duration of one full sports match
      • No team changes are allowed by participants after the start of the sports match

    On this basis, the Court adjudged that playing on such game constitutes a ‘game of mere skill’, which makes such gaming exempt from the provisions of the Public Gambling Act, 1867 (PGA).

    • Finally, the Court held that such app is a legitimate business activity protected under Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India.

    You can find more information on the legality of such gaming format and Fantasy Sports in India on the 'website' of the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG):. IFSG is India’s first and only self-regulatory Sports Gaming industry body formed to protect consumer interest and create standardised best practices in the Sports Gaming industry.


    What is the minimum age required to play on FSL?

    FSL is strictly for users who are at least 18 years of age. Even if we come to know from any source or by verification that any user who is lower than the given age limit his ID shall be freezed till the time he legitimately reaches the required legal age.


    Which states are still not open to such gaming formats?

    The residents of Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland and Sikkim are not permitted to play pay-to-play formats of any online games. The laws in these states are unclear as to whether games of skill may be played for a fee. You may, however, participate in the free-to-play (practice contests) available. If you play a paid contest it would be completely users responsibility and such user by accepting our terms and conditions indemnifies the gaming company from any kind of legal issues. We strictly advice and recommend to follow the law of land and abide it.


    What is the time limit to change my team config before the match starts?

    Only a registered user can change his team configuration and the time limit to draw such changes is as of now 10 minutes before any schedule match start time, but this can change as and how new rules will get updated.


    How many accounts can I create with the same email id on FSL?

    You can create only one account with a single email id on FSL. Creation of multiple accounts is strictly prohibited and violates our Fair Play policy. Click here to know What is FairPlay?

    How secure is my personal details & documents in the FSL system?

    All the personal data shared by a user while the process of registration is very much secure and safe and is only used for verification, legal and analysis base none of the data is shared with any third party for any kind of marketing or any kind of promotional activities.


    Does any other FSL user has any additional opportunity while creating a team?

    Rules are set at par for all users there is no added advantage in regards to creating a team for contesting in the particular contest.


    Do the player credits change when a match is added on FSL?

    The credits required to pick a player are locked for each particular contest and match. The price for each player does not fluctuate based on the performance of the player or their real-life team during the particular contest or the match.


    Is the match deadline different for all users?

    The match deadline is same for all users if there is a change in the deadline it will apply similarly to all the users. There is no  method where FSL can set different timings for different users.



    How do you verify the winners for a match?

    To make sure you can play on FSL and compete with other users with full confidence, we have taken the following measures:

    • The scoring system used for calculating points is clearly illustrated and displayed on our platforms in a very understandable format.
    • The applicable payouts for winners of each contest are clearly and publically declared we just verify the points and reconfirm after the match is over.
    • Any winnings/payouts are promptly processed and credited to the User's account as per the pre declared T & C.
    • Scores for each match are sourced from accurate scoring feeds provided by reputable third party service providers.


    Are my opponent’s genuine users of FSL?

    • All the players and competitors on the FSL platform are absolutely genuine. FSL does not practice and   kind of AI tech to show hyped d user base.


    Are FSL employees allowed to play cash contests?

    Our employees are strictly prohibited from participating in any paid contests on FSL. No inside jobs!


    What is Responsible Play?

    • We notify users in case their accrued losses exceed ?10000 (applicable to Indian users only)
    • We do not allow users below 18 years of age to play in the pay-to-play contests on FSL
    • We don’t allow our users to participate in more than 500 pay-to-play contests in a single match
    • You can exclude yourself from Playing on FSL for a while if in case you wish to take a break.